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Tantra Gay Massage from naked masseur - massage in Sofia video from TantraMassage on Vimeo.
We are two brothers masseurs from Sofia, Bulgaria. In this video you will see, how the older brother do a tantra naked massage to his little brother. The massage is done in a discrete massage studio in a warm room with pleasant relaxing music and dimmed light. The patient is naked, laying down on the massage tableand covered with a small towel. The masseur is naked and drives the patient to a massive release of stress and worries which tamper with the yin and yang balance.
We like the massage and we will be happy the others, who like it too contact us, when you are in Sofia. If anyone is interested and want to know more about us and our massages, can visit our amateur blog dedicated to erotic gay massages and massages with happy end / release. In next video will show you how we do tantra naked massage on

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